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UK's New Points Based System - An Attractive Prospect?

With Huawei stripped from the UK's 5G network by 2027, can the UK confidently continue their technological journey into this crucial stage of the technology race?

The above is not a political question, but rather, a thought as to how the UK prepares its next generation of talent. Are we attracting the best and the brightest? Are we fast enough to keep ourselves as a worthy competitor?

Does the new Points Based System [#PBS] (with further clarification yesterday) provide the answer?

So far, the much-anticipated clarification of the new PBS is to provide a list of jobs that are considered as skilled (at RQF 3) and the going rate for these jobs. Most other salient points have already been announced ( Then there is the usual celebration of no more quota and no more #RLMT (the dreaded Resident Labour Market Test). Of course, the salary threshold being lower at £25,600 or less in certain circumstances (but this is all very relative to the job).

The new #immigration rules so far have provided me with nothing to scream home about. Nothing we haven't see before. Where's the post-Brexit ingenuity we have all been waiting for? Where is that non-sponsored, i.e. no-strings attached route (the revival of the Highly Skilled Migrant Program) that we have been promised?

We do not know whether there will be further announcements about this new Points Based System and we dearly hope that it is not simple a fit for purpose set of rules. Rather, we would love to see it being a representation of what a Global Britain should provide to attract the best and the brightest into the UK.

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