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UK Visa Applications - For Ukrainian Nationals

As a result of the current conflict in Ukraine, the UK Visa Application Centre in Kyiv is closed until further notice.

Ukrainian nationals requiring a visa to come to the UK may only rely on limited concession in making an application to go to the UK.

This will include:

Family members of British Citizens or those settled in the UK

Those who are:

  • a spouse or civil partner

  • an unmarried partner ( must have been living together in a relationship for at least two years)

  • parent of those under 18 or child under the age of 18

  • an adult relative you provide care for who lives with you due to a medical condition

of a British Citizen or an individual settled in the UK may submit an application for free for consideration under the family route.

Once the online visa application has been submitted, the applicant can give their biometrics at the temporary location in the Lemberg Business Centre at Lviv. Alternatively, applicants can also select to provide their biometrics in Poland, Romania, Hungary or Moldova.

UKVI also confirmed for those who do not meet the financial requirement, TB screening or English Language requirement to be allowed an alternative visa to come to the UK.

The UKVI aim to process all such applications within 24 hours from the applicant submitting their biometrics at the Visa Application Centre.

For those that are in the UK

Applicants cannot generally switch their status from within the UK as a Visitor. However, visitors (and those who may not otherwise be able to change their status from the UK) are temporarily permitted to switch under the point-based system or a family route.

The applicant must, however, still meet the immigration rules in question. Only the switching requirement is waived.

For those that are outside the UK

Visa applications from Ukraine cannot be made for all categories other than the family route through a Visa Application Centre in Ukraine.

Those who wish to apply and can travel safely through Ukraine to another country, i.e. Poland, Hungary, Romania or Moldova, can submit their applications at those locations.

No concessions are given for the eligibility or immigration requirements other than the location of their chosen biometrics centre.

Those who have residence rights in another country other than Ukraine may continue to submit their visa applications in those countries as standard.

Seasonal Worker Visa, HGV Driver or Pork Butcher visas

Ukrainian nationals on any of these visa categories will automatically have their stay extended to 31 December 2022. Sponsors will be notified, and such individuals can continue working in the job permitted as per the initial grant.

The concessions given to Ukrainian nationals for UK visas continues to evolve as the situation unfolds. The UKVI will publish further updates and notices in due course, and we will continue to provide the latest guidance where possible.

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