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Shores & Legal - The Journey So Far - Our First Birthday

A reflection from our #Community Leader (Managing Director) - Antonio Lam

Shores & Legal opened its doors last years, and we are celebrating our first birthday (well back in April but we couldn't bring ourselves to celebrate at the height of COVID). 

As the founder of this #business, I am joyous we managed to pass our one year mark (and thankful that we are not one of the early-exit 20%). More importantly, we reflected upon how last year had been and what the future holds for us. 

Our first year had been fantastic. We have been extremely fortunate to have the unwavering support from our trusted friends, clients, and partners in ensuring that we lived through our early infancy. From the introduction and instruction of work, giving us valuable advice and moral support, to helping us design our case management system, the list goes on. Without their support, our first year (in particular with COVID, would have been a year of sorrow). 

Entering into year two, we are in a great and confident position, our team excited to continue to get our hands dirty and our brains engaged. We are ready again for year two! 

Then, one thought crept in during lockdown at the height of COVID -  what are we doing differently from the corporate animal that we once were (in our previous lives)

Several answers followed - being much more competitively priced, better quality and care with the work we do, more ancillary help (away from immigration) that we offer.  

All of such things are true (at least our recent client survey said so), but ultimately, we were still just an #immigration firm and not the disruptor that we envisaged in becoming. 

But why do we even what to be the disruptor? We are doing fine! To us, the answer is simple - we want to disrupt (be better) because complacency is the beginning of a rapid downfall (at least that's was what my English Literature told me during my final year of High School). 

It's not the fear of a downfall, per se, but the fear of disappointing loyal clients, friends and partners. It's also about whether we are offering something they (you) want and need. 

So entering into this year, we are going full 'enterprise design mode' (at least the principles). We want to make sure that we are not just the immigration provider (or trusted partner as a general tagline) but transform into a community that serves our client and partners.

We will be transforming our 'LifeCycle Hub', a free client community membership that we designed to allow members to integrate into the country they have moved to. The LifeCycle hub will evolve to fit better, our ethos of being a community that provides support for both immigration and non-immigration (business-centric and person-centric) issues. The Hub will offer more personalised solutions to individuals, assignees and businesses alike in hope to help us all thrive within our community. I will be publishing our ideas and thoughts soon when we unveil the new LifeCycle Hub. 

For now, we are once again extending our 'in need of a favour' hand (arms and legs). 

We want to hear from you! 

We want to continue to improve on what we have. 

What do you think an 'immigration firm' can do better for its clients (or you), a client's business, its partners and friends? What can WE do that will give you a better and more comfortable journey for your migration (as an assignee or individual or as a business)? What do partners who use immigration firm loath but bear with it because it's just the norm?

We value your opinion! 

Our final words in celebrating our first belated birthday?

We want to thank our client community members, our friends and our partners in trusting us, accepting us, and working with us. We hope to continue to serve you. 

We promise we will continue to build our community to serve the needs of many more and become the true disruptor we wish to become! 

Shores & Legal are experienced and expert immigration partners for your business and personal immigration requirements. If you wish to discuss your UK immigration requirements, contact us at +44 (0) 207 097 6778 or

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