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New Youth Mobility Scheme for Indian Nationals

The friendship and ties between the UK and India grow stronger.

Our respective Prime Ministers, Boris John and Narendra Modi agreed to a "2030 roadmap" to include deepened commitments to health, trade, science and technology, defence and education.

Whilst this is excellent news, there is even better news for young, talented Indian and British nationals. Our Home Secretary and her counterpart in India has also been forging an "ambitious new migration partnership" between the two countries.

In effect, the "Migration and Mobility Partnership" should allow British and Indian nationals to easily work, live, and study in each other's countries.

Whilst the pathway for British citizens to India under the new partnership has not yet been publicised, the UK position is clear. The existing Youth Mobility scheme (or at least a remarkably similar scheme) designed for 18- to 30-year-olds to live and work in the UK will be extended to Indian nationals of the same age group.

The current Youth Mobility Scheme is designed for selected non-visa nationals from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, San Marino and Taiwan.

India will be the first visa national country to benefit under the Scheme, and the Home Secretary has confirmed a quota of 3,000 visas available under the plan.

Under current rules in place for the Youth Mobility Scheme, those between 18 to 30 years old may apply to come to the UK for up to 2 years provided that they can show to have at least £2,530 of savings.

Those allowed to come to the UK under the Scheme may live, work and study freely in the UK. There is no need for workers under the Scheme to be sponsored. Moreover, after these two years, those offered sponsored employment may switch their visas to continue working and living in the UK (or study in the UK) under the Skilled Worker (or Student) route.

The proposed Scheme is an excellent boost for the UK in attracting young talents from India.

India is among the growing countries in nurturing successful start-ups and incubating unicorns; their fresh and ambitious talents are much needed in the UK. With the UK establishing herself as the new 'Super Hub' for Science, Technology and the Arts, a partnership with India will most certainly quicken the UK's ambition to achieve just that.

For British citizens, it will be interesting to see what reciprocal visa programmes are available. No doubt, many will be sitting in the wings waiting to jump at the chance to explore this vast and growing economy.

Details for the new Scheme for Indian nationals have yet to be published, and we look to continue to provide further updates in the near future.

With a scheme aimed at ambitious young individuals, there are no doubts that the 3,000 visa allocations will be taken up very quickly when it becomes available.

Let's also not forget, apart from this newly announced Scheme, the new "Highly Skilled Migrant Programme" is still waiting in the wings. There is no shortage of opportunities for Indian nationals to come and live in the UK. We are incredibly excited to be part of this transformative age of international mobility.

Watch this space.

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