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More Countries Added on the 'Red List' - Travel Alert!

International travels continue to be one of the key topics during this #COVID-19 pandemic. The UK, for one, had always been reluctant to restrict international until the situation was at a point where travel #bans were necessary to ensure the safety of its population and #travellers alike.

From late last year, the UK #Government included many countries on the 'Red List' where individuals who have travelled or transited from the countries on such list (for the previous ten days before travelling to the UK) are banned from entry to the UK.

Returning residents and British citizen returning to the UK from these countries will need to be subjected to quarantining at designated hotels for no less than ten days. Details of the enhanced requirements can be found here.

The list has been chopping and changing over the past few months. In most circumstances, the changes to the list have been due to new variants or high numbers of COVID-19 infections.

At present, there are 33 countries on the '#Red #List. However, from 4 am on Friday (19 March 2021), the list will include four new countries and two removed.

The four countries added to the list are:

- Ethiopia

- Oman

- Qatar

- Somalia

The two countries that are being removed are:

- Portugal

- Mauritius

Removal from the list will mean that nationals or travellers from those particular countries can now travel to the UK. Quarantine measures will still be in place but based on self-isolation at home, a hotel of choice or a family's home for ten days. The Test-and-Release scheme will also apply to these travellers (released after five days of self-isolation).

All national COVID-19 restrictions (including pre-arrival COVID tests and Day 2 and 8 COVID tests) will apply to all travellers to the UK.

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