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Festive Cheer - We Can All Play Our Part

As the festive period is fast approaching, most of us including the team at Shores & Legal (#shoreslegal) are gearing to momentarily park the problems we have seen and experienced in 2020. For a few days towards the end of this month, we all look to enjoy our precious time with our family and loved ones (even virtually). The festive ‘Cheer’ that we all need in waving goodbye to this horrible year.

For most of us, part of the festive ‘Cheer’ is the food and drink - the prized turkey (or goose for many traditionalists) and all other types of meats (for the carnivores), the heavenly vegetable selection (including sprouts), the puddings and gateau and the sea of chocolates.

However, for many, there is no such festive Cheer. In London alone, 109 million meals a year are need from Charities to be delivered to help every person that's going hungry. As a result of #COVID, an estimated 118 million meals will be required to fill the hunger gap.

At Shores & Legal, we believe in the power of community support. We think we can all play a part in helping those around us. After all, we have always pledged to not only build a community of support for our Client Members but for non-member Clients.

This year, we are immensely proud to be supporting our local community through The Felix Project (#HelpFelixFeedLondon).

The Felix Project is a fantastic charity that collects good, surplus food from the food industry and delivers the food to the much-needed charities and food banks for redistribution. Just this year alone, they have provided more than an equivalent of 14 million meals to charities. That means 14 million meals worth of food will go unwasted.

For every £10 donated, the Felix Project is able to deliver enough food equivalent to 61 meals for those in need. 84p in every £1 the Felix Project spend goes to rescuing and providing food for Londoners in need.

For our support this year, Shores & Legal will be making a contribution to the Felix Project with our MD, @Antonio Lam match funding the firm’s contribution (with an additional boost). The contribution should allow the Felix Project to collect and deliver enough food for an equivalent of around 24,400 meals.

We hope our small contribution will help those around us, and we hope to continue to support The Felix Project and other charities in making our community a better place.

For more information about the Felix Project or to support them, visit their website at

During this festive period, our offices are shut from 23 December 2020 to 3 January 2021. We wish everyone a peaceful and safe festive holiday.

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