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COVID-19 - Home Office Guidance

More information for individuals who may be affected by Coronavirus and are currently in the UK.

The Home Office has today confirmed the following: Individuals whose visas are expiring between 24 January 2020 and 31 May 2020 may have an extension of stay of up to 31 May 2020, if such individuals are unable to leave the UK due to travel restrictions or self-isolation.

Individuals affected should contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team ( and provide them with the following details:

- Full Name

- Date of Birth - Nationality

- Visa Reference Number

- Reason why the Individual cannot leave the UK

More helpfully, the Home Office has also confirmed that up to 31 May 2020, any individuals affected may also apply to switch their visa to a long-term visa, providing that they meet the rules for the category of visa they are applying.

This will include visas which generally requires an individual to apply from their Home Country.

There are also other helpful guidance and full details can be found on the website. Whilst this does not cover the full array of issues faced by individuals requiring visas and stuck in the UK. This guidance is certainly a good start.

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