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VACs in China Closed

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, all Visa Application Centres (#VACs) in China are temporarily closed to the public.

The Visa Application Centres are due to reopen on 10 February 2020 but whether they do will depend on the circumstances around the outbreak and notification from the Chinese Authorities in China.

The VACs in Hong Kong continue to be operational.

For Chinese nationals who is unable to return to China due to the virus with their visa due to expire (or have expired as of 31 January 2020) should not panic. We have information from our professional association that the Home Office are currently working on a series of interim measures on the implication for immigration of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The measures will include Chinese nationals who are unable to leave China who are currently being sponsored by a UK employer.

We will keep you up to date with any information we receive and will work with affected parties to resolve any visa issues.

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