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Statement of Changes - New Immigration Rules

Last week, the Home Office published a 514-page document detailing the overhaul of the immigration rules we have today.

A large majority of the changes were re-indexing, renaming and rebranding. However, there are fundamental changes that we have all been waiting for, from the introduction of the Skilled Worker route, the rebranding of the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer route, through to the new BN(O) Status Holders visas.

The Home Office didn't disappoint and have provided a very detailed reading of what is to come and much more.

Whilst most of the changes may not affect our Client Members, there are key changes that will benefit them. As such, we have produced an easy-to-read guide on the summary of changes which we hope will allow Client Members easy navigation through the many changes.

You can find a copy of our summary here.

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