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Ireland - UK Relationship Lives On

While we are still basking in confusion around #Brexit and unsure of the UK's very own 'deal or no deal' political game show, one good news emerged last week.

Ireland and UK confirmed an MoU to confirm the status of Irish nationals in the UK and vice versa.

The MoU reaffirms the long-standing relationship and partnership between the two countries and the continual affirmation of all rights and freedom under the common travel area (#CTA) for the two countries.

In particular, the MoU states that "The CTA affords British citizens in Ireland and Irish citizens in the UK the right to work, including on a self-employed basis, without any requirement to obtain permission".

While this is not a legally binding document, this MoU is undoubtedly a useful and worthwhile political guarantee that the decades-long CTA agreements continue to apply and that the relationship between the two countries will long continue.

For full details of the MoU, please click here.

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