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Government expands use of e-Passport gates to 7 more countries

One of the most hated must-do for #visitors travelling to another country is the need to stand in a long queue to present yourself to an immigration officer. The only thing any visitor is thinking of is to get into the shower and freshen up.

In continuing to modernise the landing process for visitors, the UKVI announced the expansion of the use of e-passport gates. From 20 May 2019, travellers coming from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States will be able to use e-passports gates to enter rather than being examined by an immigration officer.

Currently, only citizens from the UK, EU and EEA can use this service.

E-passport gates are simple to use, and anyone from the list of eligible countries (as identified above) will be able to the service, as long as they possess a valid biometric passport.

UKVI has further announced that #visitors from non-EEA countries will no longer need to complete a landing card, irrespective of whether you are allowed to use the e-passport gates.

This is welcome news as the combination of automated border control, and the lessening of paperwork will mean faster processing times and easing the process for visitors entering the UK.

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