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Shores & Legal are proud to provide a full immigration and advisory service to businesses and individuals through our Business Immigration Group and Personal Immigration Group. 

Our Groups are dedicated to providing bespoke advice and personalised services based on a business or individual's requirement. Our goal is to ensure that our Client Members have the right strategy and pathway for their relocation needs. 
We work hard to ensure that we obtain the best results for our Client Members. We always strive to meet our Client Members' needs, objectives and dreams. 


Shores & Legal are an award-winning and leading immigration practice located in the heart of London. Our practice focuses on all aspects of immigration law designed for your business and personal needs.

We do not believe in simply getting the work done. We believe in providing our Client Members with a community of support for their business and personal endeavours. We believe in growing with our Client Members. Our work starts with your planning, and our work never ends. 

Our team is passionate about finding innovative immigration and business solutions to meet our Client Members objectives. Whether our Client Members are coming to the UK or moving to another country, our Team and our Global Partners are at hand to offer the best solutions. 

Together with Global Partners, our collective experience means that we will provide an all-in-one solution to any business and personal needs. 

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